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I’m a modest blogger with plenty to be modest about. A former civil servant and record store slacker, I took the scenic route to journalism, and I’m still enjoying the scenery.  Publications I’ve written for include The Sunday Business Post, the Evening Herald, State Magazine, U Magazine, The Ticket in The Irish Times, InDublin, NME Ireland, AU, LivingIn and SoundsXP.com.

I contribute opinion and comment to many a radio show, including RTE Radio 1’s Arena, the Dave Fanning show on 2FM and The Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 .  I’ve also been known to write the occasional, thoroughly entertaining script, some “thrilling” corporate copy and I’m constantly on the verge of throwing his first novel out into the world – something that will happen very soon.

My favourite things include music, books, film, television, theatre, art, vegetarian/vegan food, wine, coffee, gardening, travel, ranting/raving and AC Fiorentina.  I think about death a little too much.  I come from Scotland, I was brought up mainly by Italians, became even more opinionated during a decade in London, and I now reside in Dublin.

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