Is there NOTHING they don’t make for chavs these days..?


Do you enjoy listening to the choons of Scooter emanating from some spotty youth’s car at traffic lights outside shopping centres?  Are you disappointed when the souped-up Corsa, Punto or Saxo speeds off, leaving you hankering after more happy hardcore jumpstyle Eurobilge?  Well, help is at hand, with the SCOOTER DELUXE SOUNDMASTER, which offers a proper, access-all-areas, non-stop sound for skangers on scooters and their many appreciative fans.  According to the manufacturer:

“Stereo Sound Board Sound Master with illuminated speakers, external fuse and double circuit.  The rich get stereo sound thanks to 300 W power amplifier neatly print.  The boxes and the external backup is due to blue LED illumination of the eye-catcher.”

Franky, we can’t sell it to you any better than that.  It’s quite possibly the greatest thing since spliff-smoking kids playing dance music on a mobile phone at the back of your bus – guaranteed.

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