The Dutch Golden circle

So, why was there all that hoo-ha about Rosanna Davison’s skanger party?  Well, her Foxrock other-half’s brother’s party, anyway, but looking at the headlines, you’d think everyone’s favourite vegan was the ringleader and orchestrator of this monster’s ball.  Whoever’s party it is, it’s certainly got up the noses of a few commentators, who saw these rich revelers’ depictions of a certain type of Dublin “underclass” as being somewhat snobbish.

Personally, I think the photos are hilarious.  None of us, not one, are above slating any large group of people who wish to define themselves by looking almost exactly like each other – whether they be skangers, Yummy Drummies, Emo kids or Roman Catholic clergymen. 

And the idea that “skangers” (of the sort “lampooned” at this party) are a poverty-stricken underclass?   Have you seen the prices of the tracksuits they wear?  Their trainers?  Celtic jerseys are hardly dirt cheap either, no matter how hideous they look.  How can they be poor?  Unless, of course, those outraged commentators are actually suggesting that these items weren’t purchased at all, they just somehow, perhaps, allegedly fell into, er, some foil-lined shopping bags?

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