Michael Kiwanuka? Sorry, but…

Call me an old grump (everybody else does), but I’m hugely disappointed that Michael Kiwanuka has come top of the BBC Sound of 2012 poll.  No harm to the boy at all, as he owns a very fine collection of cardigans and jumpers, but his current song Home Again is already a front runner for my most hated record of 2012.  I can’t get to the radio quickly enough to switch it off whenever I hear that delicately picked intro, just so I don’t get to the first foggy-moan of vocal.

Morning presenters on the normally marvellous BBC 6 Music seem to love it (or at least they pretend to) but to me (and those in my vicinity) it’s a vastly unwelcome reminder of dreary, plaintive, pseudo-poetic whiners of the recent past – imagine a computer programme that could meld David Gray, Daniel Powter, James Blunt and the bloke from the Wimax advert into one, and that’s Kiwanuka’s Home Again.  Bilge.

So, another fail for the Sound Of… series?  If this list is truly made up by ‘tastemakers’, then they’re obviously determined to keep us all in the same doldrums we’ve been suffering since they recommended the Coldplay-lite(r) Keane to us back in 2004.   Ellie Goulding?  Corinne Bailey Rae?  Mika??  Why is 21st century ‘taste’ so… distasteful?  If it’s just a prediction of what might be big, fair enough.  If it’s a conspiracy to get us to buy rubbish like Duffy (2008’s runner up), then the whole thing is nonsense.

But to tell us that these buffoons (whoever they are) are ‘tastemakers’ sends us all a terrible warning about the future of pop.  It’s bad enough that a whole generation of music writers started life thinking Boyzone was exciting teenybop fare but this relentless sludge of down-tempo, middle-of-the-road, cod-soulful dinner party muzak we’ve been forced to endure since the late 1990s surely to God has had its day.  No?

Anyway, to help make your own mind up, here’s one of Kiwanuka’s biggest influences in uptempo mode.

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