I Have Grave News

Apologies for repeating myself, but in the previous Pointless Nostalgia I mentioned those emails we all keep getting, about how on earth danger-loving children from the 1970s survived to tell the tale.  Well, I’ve just remembered how – in Britain, we had Public Information Films.  The government of the day were so concerned about our health, well-being and general survival that they spent literally some money on producing a series of these helpful, informative, often funny, sometimes downright terrifying films, which were shown both on TV and in cinemas.  Virtually every one of them was, necessarily, memorable: Charley the indecipherable Cat, whose owner warned us not to talk to strangers (“the man asked, would I like to see some puppies?”); Basil Brush and Roy North on being safe at the beach by using, amongst other things, terrible jokes; Rolf Harris on the necessity of learning to swim (he…

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