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I’m your Venus (in blurs)

Posted in Books, Dreams, Geeks on April 30, 2012 by Johnnie


Did you ever have a dream that was so great, you not only woke up annoyed that it wasn’t finished, but sincerely hoped you could pick it up where you left off the following night? And did you then rack your brain trying to remember exactly what made it so great, only to find that it kept draining down the plughole of your memory? Well that was me this morning.

When I say “morning”, it was when I normally get up for work – at a time which, I gather, most people still refer to as “night”. But, for what seemed like the previous few hours, I had been paying a visit to someone whom I knew to be the only human being living on Venus. I didn’t know him personally, I don’t know why I got to go and visit him, and I can’t really remember why I wanted to (I’m pretending it was a journalistic assignment but it was probably curiosity/nosiness), but there I was, anyway.

Venus, I can report, was very dark and scary – hellish, in fact.

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♫ Hartleys is my New Jam! ♫

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No one can say this blog isn’t down with the thrilling stuff those crazy internet kids are up to – only New Jam has been around since I was wee. Continue reading

Weebles wobbly wonders

Posted in Pointless Nostalgia, TV on April 15, 2012 by Johnnie

This is a silly anecdote about plastic toy eggs – not much craic here, I assure you.

Some years ago, in Dublin, I was reminiscing about Weebles, that society of egg-shaped characters with the slogan, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”.  I never actually owned any Weebles but my cousins did, and these toys provided moments of fun whenever we visited.

However, my reminiscence on the subject didn’t go far, due to the ignorance of those I was talking to: a couple, both of them older than I am, who had never seen nor heard of Weebles.

I found this astounding.  How could anyone born in the 1960s, even those from Dublin, with its access to UK television, have failed to notice Weebles – in toy shops, at school friends’ houses, or, most likely, via the adverts and their unforgettable jingle, which were a mainstay of any 1970s Christmas rush.  Not only was this couple ignorant of Weebles’ existence, they actually mocked me and accused me of “making them up”.  Continue reading

Some people

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I Have Grave News

Apologies for repeating myself, but in the previous Pointless Nostalgia I mentioned those emails we all keep getting, about how on earth danger-loving children from the 1970s survived to tell the tale.  Well, I’ve just remembered how – in Britain, we had Public Information Films.  The government of the day were so concerned about our health, well-being and general survival that they spent literally some money on producing a series of these helpful, informative, often funny, sometimes downright terrifying films, which were shown both on TV and in cinemas.  Virtually every one of them was, necessarily, memorable: Charley the indecipherable Cat, whose owner warned us not to talk to strangers (“the man asked, would I like to see some puppies?”); Basil Brush and Roy North on being safe at the beach by using, amongst other things, terrible jokes; Rolf Harris on the necessity of learning to swim (he…

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