The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

Thundering journey into the mind of man and dog        Sunday Business Post,13 July 2008 Debut novelist David Wroblewski spent ten years crafting The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle and it was worth every minute of his time. It is a giant and captivating work of old-fashioned storytelling, a family saga based around a child’s deep love […]

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Killing Joke

There’s an almighty hoo ha (do hoo has come in any other size?) in the media over the Killers’ “afterthought” gig at the Academy on August 20th – a whole night before they play Mawwrleee Pawwrrk.  Apart from the happy fact that it’s way cheaper to see them indoors, in comfort, with a proper bar […]

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Pointless Nostalgia: Puffa Puffa Rice

Generally speaking, I’m not one for nostalgia.   Get a bunch of people of a certain vintage together in a living room or a bar and a strange mist descends over their eyes – before you know where you are, they’re dredging up half-memories of Spangles, Captain Pugwash, school medicals (including “the cold spoon”), Creamola Foam […]

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Book Review: Disquiet by Julia Leigh

Sunday Business Post, 1 June 2008 Australian author Julia Leigh’s rich novella centres upon the unsettling reunion of a fragmented family in the surroundings of a rambling French chateau. After a 12-year estrangement from her family, Olivia unexpectedly returns to the family seat with her two young children, Andrew and Lucy. The otherwise statuesque woman’s […]

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American… Voices

I’ve just heard that ad on the radio again:  “Muse – LIVE at Mawwrlee Pawwrk, Dublin”. I’ve a few issues with it. First and foremost, the only thing I can think of that’s worse than spending a wet August night in ‘Mawwrlee Pawwrk’ is spending a wet August night in ‘Mawwrlee Pawwrk’ watching Muse.  Secondly, […]

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