TV Highlight of the Week…

The 137th Open Golf championship starts today at Royal Birkdale.  This is great news for people who enjoy watching the Big Brother housemates sleeping, live, all through the night; they now have something equally pulsating to watch during the day. 

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One thought on “TV Highlight of the Week…

  1. You’re obviously quite an anomaly – a scotsman who thinks golf is dull and boring. Golf was only invented in Scotland because when they stopped hiding from the English they had nothing else to use the land for. The wonder was that they sold it to the yanks – who turned it into a business! If only the scots had thought of that in the first place!!
    But hey who said watching Big Brother housemates sleep wasn’t pulsating. Given the psychopaths / sociopaths they put into the house it’s only a matter of time before you have Midsomer Murders on Big Brother. Now that would be an absolutely unmissable programme!!

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