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Whinge, whinge, er, “whing”…

Posted in Words on February 28, 2010 by Johnnie

I’m delighted to note that there’s been an outbreak of spelling the word “whingeing” correctly in the press lately.  It’s one of my favourite words, far greater than “moaning”, “whining”, or even that great Scots word “girning” – which is a far more aggravated and aggravating form of whingeing.

My delight stems from the fact that, twice in the past two years, I’ve submitted articles, one a review, the other a travel piece, which contained the word “whingeing”, only to suffer the indignity of having the ‘e’ removed from the published piece.  Now, before you all start hauling out your Concise Oxfords, I’m well aware that the word “whinging” is deemed perfectly acceptable – however, the fact is, I submitted the word “whingeing”.   Now, I’m sure subs are all perfectly nice people but…. OK, I won’t go there (again) for now.

But just look at the two together: “WHINGEING”; “WHINGING”.  Continue reading

Dr Beat comes to The Kiosk

Posted in Music, New Stuff, Radio on February 26, 2010 by Johnnie

Coming to The Kiosk on Phantom 105.2 this weekend is the first in our new, monthly music makeover series, Dr Beat.  Named after the Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine classic, we’re giving one Phantom listener per month the chance to revitalise their jaded record collection.

Our first ‘patient’ is Jo Gohmann, and she has received a special 18-track mix CD (tracklisting below), compiled by Team Kiosk’s ‘doctors’, Nadine O’Regan, Derek Byrne and myself, Johnnie Craig.

Jo will be on The Kiosk this Saturday to tell us how she got on with the CD and if we have managed to revolutionise her musical tastes – and she will also reveal her favourite track, thereby awarding one member of Team Kiosk with the coveted Doctor Beat crown for one month.

If you, or anyone you know, needs the Doctor Beat treatment, email us,

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The ladder that spawned a thousand lightbulb jokes…

Posted in Advice, Grave News on February 16, 2010 by Johnnie

Regular readers (reader, maybe) may recall the recent escapade involving my office’s purloined toilet seat, and its eventual, painstaking replacement by the baseball-capped, bluetoothed, jobsworth pain-in-the-arse who looks after such things in this industrial park.  Well, here I present more photographic evidence of his utter inadequacy.

The vertically-challenged amateur pedant and his careless-in-the-community sidekick were in our office not two weeks ago to effortfully replace several blown lightbulbs.  Not only did they utterly fail to perform this task with anything suggestive of competence, they also neglected to take their ladder with them, preferring instead to abandon it in the corridor.  Continue reading

It’s only a laugh…

Posted in Words on February 12, 2010 by Johnnie


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New men’s mag hits the shelves – repeatedly

Posted in Favourite Publications, Grave News, New Stuff on February 5, 2010 by Johnnie

Slow news day but at least it’s nice to see a new, fun publication for gentlemen in the shops this weekend.  Continue reading