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(One Foot In The) Grave News

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40 years ago today, this rather brilliant piece of music was No.1 in the UK charts.  Coincidentally, my poor mum was enduring an experience she said she “wouldn’t wish on anyone” – namely, giving birth to me.  I think I’m correct in saying she hasn’t had too much cause to regret it since, despite consistent exam failures, chronic late-development of my early potential and the fact that I talked about death a lot as a teenager.  Well, nothing much has changed, really.

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Political Hot Potato

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Hungry Again

In the spirit of fellowship and togetherness, the Taoiseach yesterday met the heads of the Church of Ireland from north and south.  And, in the spirit of Christian generosity, the Archbishops brought Mr Cowen some lunch, in the shape of a gigantic baked potato.  Then, in the spirit of perma-starvation, our Brian scoffed it before commencing dialogue with the men of the (table) cloth.

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“Sure, we understand irony…”

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Static X

“’s like rain on your wedding day, right?  Or a free ride when you’ve already paid. ”

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Good Old American Indie-Dependence

Posted in Americans, Grave News, Music on June 11, 2009 by Johnnie

Clap Your National Grizzly Cold War Wolf Fleet Horses Parade, Yeah Mk517There’s a huge underground hype-machine winging its way to Whelan’s later this year, if whispers whizzing around hip musical circles are to be believed.  A new North American 5 or 6 piece are pencilled in to be the new ‘thing’ for the entire month of November.  From Baltimore or Brooklyn, or maybe it’s Canada, they’re said to be from that peripheral country-folk branch of American indie, with a good dollop of Talking Heads thrown into the mix to make them extra unique.   The four people who’ve actually seen them in rehearsal are already comparing them to Clap Your National Grizzly Cold War Wolf Fleet Horses Parade, Yeah.  And Talking Heads.

Don’t worry if you think you might forget about them by the time the tickets go on sale, you won’t be able to avoid the hype, particularly as their stunning, never-been-done image will be all over the press by then: checked shirts (worn outside saggy jeans), beards, receding hairlines and at least one member, most likely the bassist, or possibly the drummer, will be wearing a baseball cap.  Continue reading

Star “Style” – Reg’s ‘Lion King’ Bassist

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Hipper-than-thou Elton John groupies who attended his Thomond Park knees-up over the weekend were treated to the rare sight of a bass-slappin’ Gerry Ryan, proudly announcing his role in a new stage version of The Lion King.

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Lovely Girls… They’re Running…

Posted in Grave News on June 5, 2009 by Johnnie

lovely girlsPlenty of unintentional humour sprang from last Monday’s Women’s Mini-Marathon in Dublin – although, technically, we’re not really supposed to find it funny.  As an event being held in the country’s capital, a city with a female mayor, it’s quite extraordinary that the organisers’ theme, from the compere through to the musical accompaniment, seemed to be one of ‘let’s patronise the girls’.  A letter in this morning’s Irish Times describes the unfolding embarrassment rather neatly.  Continue reading


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