(One Foot In The) Grave News

40 years ago today, this rather brilliant piece of music was No.1 in the UK charts.  Coincidentally, my poor mum was enduring an experience she said she “wouldn’t wish on anyone” – namely, giving birth to me.  I think I’m correct in saying she hasn’t had too much cause to regret it since, despite consistent exam failures, chronic late-development of my early potential and the fact that I talked about death a lot as a teenager.  Well, nothing much has changed, really.

Also celebrating birthdays today are the great leftie-Kens, Livingstone and Loach, as well as musical deities Barry Manilow and Jello Biafra.   And let’s not forget Hitler’s private secretary, Martin Bormann.  All the legends.

2 thoughts on “(One Foot In The) Grave News

  1. Many happy returns, young man.

    You were also born on the same day as Kevin Thornton, vocalist with Color me Badd (Famous for: “ooooouuououUUOOOUHHH I wanna sex you up….AAAHHH”)

    Yeah, all the greats.

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