Bloke From “Out In” Tallaght Wearing Liverpooel Shirt Shocker

In what will be seen as great news in the twin tracksuit capitals of the world, Robbie Keane from “out in” Tallaght, Dublin, has signed for Liverpooel in a €24m deal.  In spite of Spurs’ valiant efforts to stop the Republic of Ireland striker making a cultural stereotype out of himself, Keane will return to his childhood and run around wearing the shirt of his chosen English heroes. Expect several things to come out of this: Adidas to vastly increase its share in the Irish market; Spurs to suddenly lose a few of its “die-hard” Irish fans; a general upsurge in local punters who claim they have “always supported” Liverpooel; “out in” Tallaght to be twinned with Toxteth at long last; Keane to be referred to as ‘the new Kenny Dalglish’ – particularly by those who have to subtitle his TV interviews; Dominos Pizza to consider proposing a sponsorship deal; and, a little further down the line, Keane to start making louder noises about how he would like to “end his career” at Celtic.

3 thoughts on “Bloke From “Out In” Tallaght Wearing Liverpooel Shirt Shocker

  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog through Jiml! Wohoo, welcome to the blogosphere Mr Craig. Hope you’re keeping well, look forward to reading your stuff!


  2. It’s only Nathalie Marquez Courtney! How are you keeping? I would pop into the U office to visit you but Jen and Shauna have, of course, barred me. Can’t blame them. Thank you for your welcome, I clearly have a lot to catch up on – so expect to be read and commented upon thyself.

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