The Second Flush Of Youth

Originally published in U MAGAZINE in December 2007 Internet shopping is great, isn’t it? Why would anyone bother to go out to actual shops, where you run the risk of frostbite, turning the balls of your feet to puree, getting your face elbowed in queues or being forced to have lunch in Starbucks, when you […]

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A Fruity One..?

Originally published in U Magazine, April 2008 There’s nothing wrong with a man drinking a fruity cocktail, is there?  Actually, don’t answer that yet. I don’t know why I feel like I’m in confession here, because I haven’t exactly sinned.  But then, if you’re transgressing unwritten North-European boozing laws, which were malletted into stone before […]

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About Face

Back in 2008, I had a thoroughly enjoyable stint as male columnist for U Magazine. After this article was originally published, in April 2008, I was charmed to receive a large box of male grooming products from Nivea For Men. I have just rediscovered the ‘Thank You’ mail I intended to send them but failed […]

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