That new Oasis drivel

Oasis are back – and they’re worse than ever.  They’ve been finding it harder to get away with their shameful, career-long dearth of ideas in recent years but, even by their own execrable standards, their forthcoming single, ‘The Shock of the Lightning’ has to be a career low.  “Love is a time machine/ Up on the silver screen/ It’s all in my mind/ Love is a litany / A magical mystery /And all in good time…”

Noel Gallagher told BBC Radio 1’s Chris Moyles: “If ‘The Shock of the Lightning’ sounds instant and compelling to you, it’s because it was written dead fast.  And recorded dead fast.”  That explanation/excuse actually makes more sense if you remove the word ‘fast.’

7 thoughts on “That new Oasis drivel

  1. I bet when the Blur -v- Oasis debate was raging – you preferred Blur. The reality is you’ve never really gotten over the fact that Oasis wiped the floor with Blur. So now that you’ve got something on Oasis to snipe at – its open season! And all that pent up unexpressed vitriol comes gushing out.

  2. Yer Man – Pent-up? Unexpressed? Have you met me?

    Tempting as it is to claim I was too young to be aware of the Blur v Oasis debate, as a matter of fact, I did prefer Blur then, and still do. In a perfect world, Oasis would be reduced to wiping Blur’s floors for a living.

  3. According to Noel it’s there best album since Definitely, Maybe. Believeable sort of chap and not prone to exaggeration, oh yeah he supports Man City.

  4. Ciaran – welcome to you. “most anticipated” – when did I say that about The Blizzards? The best Irish albums this year (Fight Like Apes and Halfset aside) are mainly behind us. However, the point is, and remains, Oasis are drivel.

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