I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom…

out_of_site1If you fancy coming over a bit David Lynch for a day, you could do worse than stroll along Clontarf walkway this Saturday, November 8.  Out Of Site presents Promenade, an inspirational live art event, where 10 artists make use of the sheltered bathing and seating areas, the walkway itself and even the sea along the  walkway to present performances free to the public. 

These performances include: Dennis McNulty’s “infrastructure/flow”, where a scratch DJ sculpts sound structures inside Tom De Paor’s award-winning pumping station at Vernon Avenue;  Pauline Cummins’s “Head above Water”, which sees a figure clinging to a metal ladder rising from the sea; Amanda Coogan’s six-hour performance piece, “How to explain the sea to an uneaten potato”; and Out Of Site founder Michelle Browne’s interactive piece “Synchronised clontarf12Swimmers” (subtitled ‘the Alternative Spencer Tunick’), where the public are invited to bring a towel and swimsuit and get their limbs entangled – pray for a less than parky day.  The event will be soundtracked by Gareth Kennedy’s fantastically surreal “Shout!”, where the brass section of the Artane Band sit within a converted concrete booth, performing songs by the 80s pop band, Tears for Fears.  The event takes place between 12-6pm.

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