Bill Cullen: Is It A Syrup?

CullentoupeeornottoupeeIt’s one of those things I took for granted when The Apprentice started.  I assumed from the outset that Bill Cullen wore a toupée, that everyone would have known this and that it was no big deal. However, after mentioning this publicly today, both Una and Dan seemed shocked at the suggestion.  People have since suggested his hair looks a little “Donald Trump”, or that it’s a “dye job” (even if the sides are very much ‘greying’ in colour) but it seems it’s only me who thinks he actually washes it, not with shampoo, but with his vest and his socks.  I saw this photo on the cover of Business Plus magazine this morning and I’m still looking at it to see where that hairline actually begins – much like I did when I met Adam Ant in 1990.  And you know, I was absolutely right, back then – not to say that I am now, of course…

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