U Beauties!

UMagWhichHasAnUnmissableLad'sColumn.Honest.The ever-wonderful U Magazine just got even more wonderful.  Last night, it won the PPA Consumer Magazine of the Year 2008 award.  Congratulations to all the lassies in the office, especially my ed Jennifer Stevens, and deputy eds Shauna O’Halloran and Martha Connolly (and of course my long-time colleague Nathalie Marquez Courtney who is now at Kiss magazine), all of whom do their best to put up with me on a fortnightly basis, even though they don’t have to. Mind you, they don’t let me visit them either; hardly surprising, really, why on earth would they let a bloke in who wasn’t Mr December from the Dublin Fire Brigade charity calendar?  I trust there will be one or two girlie cocktails consumed this evening in celebration; meanwhile, I will sup a celebratory Limoncello from the comfort of my Father Jack armchair…

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