Peppa’s Revenge

The full horror only began to dawn on hungover shoppers on Sunday morning.  Men dragged out of their beds by their wives for Christmas shopping, lured by the promise of “a fry” when they got to Dundrum, saw the annihilation of breakfast taking place in front of their eyes, splashed across their Sunday Worlds. Pig was off […]

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U Beauties!

The ever-wonderful U Magazine just got even more wonderful.  Last night, it won the PPA Consumer Magazine of the Year 2008 award.  Congratulations to all the lassies in the office, especially my ed Jennifer Stevens, and deputy eds Shauna O’Halloran and Martha Connolly (and of course my long-time colleague Nathalie Marquez Courtney who is now […]

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I Always Wanted To Go Into Space, Man…

…and seeing this picture just reminded me.  Taken in September 2007 from the International Space Station, which was over the  coast of eastern Honduras at the time, it shows the truly awesome size and force of Hurricane Felix from the relative tranquility of space.  Terrifying and beautiful all at once. We humans, for all our proven destructive potential, […]

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Postman Splat

RTÉ’s Late Late Toy Show is one of those Irish traditions that people who aren’t from here scratch their heads over intially but then get into as soon as they begin watching.  I started watching at the latter end of the Gay Byrne era but I find the whole Pat Kenny experience somewhat irritating.  He’s […]

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