The Radio Contributor Cliché Drinking Game


Here’s a fun drinking game for any housebound people (e.g. the elderly, the unemployed, freelance hacks or waiters actors) sitting listening to the wireless of a morning/afternoon.  Your drink of choice could be anything at all – Vodka, Mi Wadi, tea, Jeyes Fluid, the floor’s the limit, really.

The rules are simple enough.  Every time a contributor to any radio programme says either one of the following lamentable radio clichés, you have to imbibe.  So, whenever they say, “Absolutely” instead of a simple and entirely appropriate “Yes”, it’s swig time.  And whenever anyone with an axe to grind decides to clarify their forthcoming issue with the phrase “the reality is..” you take a double swig.

And don’t be coy, it has to be a large measure – or a double large measure.  I guarantee that, within a very short space of time, you will either be very drunk, bursting for a wee or (in the case of Jeyes Fluid drinkers) dead.  Believe me, these two clichés come up all the fucking time, and if this is the only way I can get everyone else to become as heartily sick of hearing them as me, so fucking be it.  [Insert reassuring smiley here]

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