Delorentos “Not Dead” Shocker

“It was all a dream,” says Rónan*


Time for a huge and grateful sigh of relief.  It may not quite be timed to coincide with Easter but nevertheless, one of Ireland’s very finest bands, Delorentos have been resurrected before they’d even properly split. 

Singer/guitarist Rónan Yourell, whose departure from the band in February led to the decision to split, announced via the band’s website and MySpace blog that he has reconsidered his decision to quit.  “I’m writing to let you know that about a week ago I asked the other delorentos if they’d consider allowing me rejoin the group. After several good chats we’ve decided to continue on, together.”

Word from inside the studio suggests that the new album is an absolute cracker and that the band soon realised they still have a very bright future ahead of them.  Rónan expressed his gratitude that, despite the band’s well documented difficulties during 2008, his bandmates still had enormous faith in the material that will make up that second album.  “Had the band not felt compelled to record the songs we had been working on, I would not have had an opportunity to rethink my decision,” he wrote.  

Aaaand relax, folks.

*Actually, it was Pam Ewing out of Dallas who said that. Sorry.

One thought on “Delorentos “Not Dead” Shocker

  1. Jim “Jock Ewing” Davis apparently had a daughter who looked eeerily like Victoria Principal. Sadly, the daughter had passed away years before. When Jim Jock died himself he was buried with pictures of both the daughter and Victoria Principal.

    Isn’t that just heartbreaking?

    On the plus side, the Delorentos renaissance is crackin news.

    Stay tuned for more Dallas facts, folks..

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