“Yeah, but you know what…”

she’s got a lovely singing voice.”


And, by the looks of it, a new (p?)leather jacket.

100 million YouTube viewers (80 million more than Obama’s inauguration speech); her performance apparently made Demi Moore weep; Simon Cowell wants to sign her; The Washington Post put her on its front page; she’s been invited on to Oprah; Jay Leno dressed up as her on Saturday Night Live; Piers Morgan has asked her to a dinner date; and now Elaine Paige (remember her?) wants to record a duet with her.

What the bloody hell is so wrong with everyone’s lives right now?

2 thoughts on ““Yeah, but you know what…”

  1. That’s pleather. Who’s looking after the cat while she’s off making people feel better about themselves, that’s what I wanna know.

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