Don Juan (ker)

WKoholicNow, far be it from me or anyone else to even smirk at this morning’s story of Aidan Clifford, previously known as Ireland’s ‘Most Romantic Man’, who is currently in court after admitting he committed “lewd acts” in front of young women.  Obviously, incidents of pulling up in a car alongside young women and masturbating in their view is behaviour utterly without comedy, even for a born romantic.  In fact, I really couldn’t give a toss.  It’s simply the Freudian fashion in which court statements and reporting of such incidents manifest themselves which tends to split my sides.

Not only does today’s Indo have it that the couple “beat off” competition from all over Ireland to win their dream wedding, there was also some ‘inadvertent’ smut in the court room.  The defendant’s solicitor made a passionate plea on his client’s behalf, using a four-letter word beginning in ‘w’ and ending in ‘k’ to make a slightly ‘Carry On’-ridden case for him.  He described Clifford as a “workaholic” who had ‘worked’ himself “to the bone“.  Oh dear.   At least there’s nothing about any stiff sentence he might be receiving.

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