The Future’s Bright…


Now, I was toying with the notion of running a little competition (entirely for my own amusement, you understand) to find the most orange-looking person in Ireland.  However, I stumbled upon the winner immediately during a routine glance at the  Saturday edition Cork’s Evening Echo.  

Now, I’ve seen some orange people in the past, many of whom fall into the bracket (bucket) of “celebrity”, but the one on the left here takes the cake.  The Jaffa Cake, obviously.  Robert Kilroy-Oompa-Loompa meets Ian Paisley Jr in a Guantanamo Bay non-compliant’s jumpsuit in Sellafield while sharing a vat of Tango.  And that hardly comes close to the true description – help me out by taking your pick from the selection below, perhaps.

That said, the blue eyeshadow is a classy touch – you have to admit.

which orange

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