Michael McIntyre denies he’s bland

It might be difficult to fathom but there are people out there who don’t find Michael McIntyre funny.  Worse still, some have even suggested his routines are inoffensive and “middle class” in nature. So, in an effort to “lash out” at these accusations, McIntyre has given his side of the argument in an interview with the notoriously edgy, working class propaganda publication, the Radio Times.

In it, he says (you might want to adopt McIntyre’s hyper Hampstead voice and delight at his own jokes in your heads here): “I don’t go out of my way not to offend people… I swear in some jokes.

“I’ve got a joke about Michael Jackson where I talk about the irony of him dying just at the time when swine flu has brought masks and gloves into fashion.”

The trial continues.

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