A lovely new place to veg out

It’s with great delight and no shortage of tummy rumbling that I warmly welcome Adventures In Veg. – a new vegetarian food blog from the incredibly talented journalist and broadcaster Aoife Barry A.K.A. Sweet Oblivion.  There’s already a great number of excellent Irish food blogs out there but, as a vegetarian of some 26 years and a recent vegan convert, they don’t always cater for those of us who shun the meat, fish and dairy industries – which is recent veggie-convert Aoife’s starting point for Adventures In Veg.

I’m particularly excited about what this blog sets out to do – explore the world of vegetarianism and veganism from the viewpoint of a curious, food-loving enthusiast.  It’s always been my contention that vegetarians and vegans don’t have an “industry” to back up the true benefits of their convictions – unlike the meat, dairy and fishery industries who spend millions every year making claims about the health benefits of their products, while neglecting to be honest and transparent about the all-too numerous downsides or environmental impacts of their industries. 

We are also hamstrung by an outdated an unrealistic food pyramid, which only adds to the confusion many consumers feel about what they should be eating, and why.  Added to this confusion are well-meaning organisations like PETA, who, despite some brave and bold awareness campaigning, are a little too keen to promote vile-sounding meat alternatives via their Twitter feed.  I mean, we all know fake rashers, burgers and sausages exist, but surely the whole point about a plant-based diet is to revel in the endless variety and glory that is raw and cooked vegetables?  That’s my philosophy, anyway – as anyone who’s tried my various soups, stews, salads, grilled and roasted vegetables, risottos and pasta dishes will (I’m sure) happily testify.  If you cook vegetables properly and with love, you never, ever notice anything missing.

Aoife’s new blog is also timely, as this week sees the publication of the excellent Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book Eating Animalsa must-read for committed omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Lots of love and luck with your Adventures In Veg, Aoife.

3 thoughts on “A lovely new place to veg out

  1. Johnnie! C’mere I’m blushing like a beetroot here (keeping with the veg theme). Thanks so much for your very, very kind words! I would advise readers to keep an eye out for your name on the blog as I am really really keen on featuring posts by long-time veggies like yourself who can teach new veg-heads like me a thing or two.

    I loved ‘Eating Animals’ and would highly recommend it too – not least because it explores the emotional side of being veg.

    Really glad to hear my approach strikes a chord with you – I definitely agree being veg is SO much more than just replacing meat with meat substitutes, and it’s all about eating plant foods and lots of ’em, while making sure you have a balanced diet (that means sneaking in cupcakes when you can…). You won’t find Quorn in my fridge but I do understand why people eat it – it’s what I ate when I started off cutting down poultry a year or two ago. But you’re right, there is SO much more to veg out there that needs to be explored!

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