So, this is what’s “Cúl4Kidz”, nowadays..?

OK, so what do we have here?  A nice colour-it-in picture from The Irish Times’s Cúl4Kidz supplement – it depicts two burly hurlers in action, a nice bedroom wall or fridge adornement for little culchie children to colour in, while protecting themselves from the elements of rural Ireland, while they sit with their tumbler of Mi Wadi and tasty Kilmeaden and Denny sandwich.  All is nice, sweet and ruddy-cheeked with the world.

But wait… look at the burly hurler on the left.  What the fuck is that trying to escape from his shorts? 

And just what colour (or colours) should we be using to make it look authentic?  I think we should be told.

Still, it’s nice to know what’s considered Cúl4Kidz these days.  The GAA – unrivalled.

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