The End, Part 666

We’re way, way more doomed than we thought before the weekend.  We moan and whinge about potholes in this country but imagine waking up to find that the actual entrance to hell has opened up in your back garden?  They certainly woke up to that ‘reality’ in Guatemala City the other morning.  In yet another piece of damning evidence that the world will end in 2012*, this terrifying hell-hole opened up after a period of biblically heavy rain over the weekend, the tropical storm Agatha, which also caused the deaths of 146 people across Central America.  Coincidentally, there was a power cut that caused disruption to the Hadron Collider – hang on, did we say “coincidentally”?  An outage caused by the power required to create a large hellmouth in Guatemala City, more like.

The hole, 20 metres across and God-knows-how deep, swallowed a three-storey factory and one poor soul – who knows what horrors he is now suffering?

What I (don’t) want to know is – what sort of monster lives down there?  A similar one to the sea monster that obviously lives in the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize?  It’s not just me, is it – there’s something truly horrifying about large holes, isn’t there?  Don’t get me started on Black Holes in space.

*according to a “scientific analysis” of my blog stats, search terms and articles viewed, thousands of people on the internet are convinced of this 2012 thing is going to happen. All those geeks surely can’t be wrong?

2 thoughts on “The End, Part 666

  1. Good god… is the information verfiable… I bet it is… btw, I am one of those who still believes that the apocalypse is just a coupla yrs away…What remains to be seen is in what form it shows up…

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