Gallows humour

“It was now the representation of an object that I shudder to name –and for this, above all, I loathed, and dreaded, and would have rid myself of the monster had I dared –it was now, I say, the image of a hideous–of a ghastly thing –of the GALLOWS!–oh, mournful and terrible engine of Horror […]

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The Miserable Rich

I am absolutely smitten by Of Flight & Fury, the second album by Brighton band The Miserable Rich. It may have been Stornoway’s year in the folk-pop stakes, but I think this record easily eclipses the Oxford band’s debut.  Described as ‘chamber pop’, largely on account of their gorgeous cello and violin players, The Miserable Rich are more of a quirky bowtie combo […]

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No ID? Ah…

Oh, what to make of ITV1’s new six-part crime drama, Identity?  It’s got the gloss, the piped-in atmosphere, the glass offices, the inner conflict, and a stellar assembly of attractive professionals who get the job done.  But what’s it for? According to the press release, its premise concerns “murderers who literally take other people’s lives… impostors […]

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Local investment

Lots of arms were brought to bare at the Cahirmee Horse Fair in Buttevant, Co. Cork (the oldest horse fair in Europe) last week, as stallions and mares of all shapes and sizes travelled from far and wide to attend. 

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Heart failure and time warp

Good riddance to Ashfordly – where it’s been the 1960s for 18 years The end of an error is upon us.  One of Britain’s cosiest Sunday night habits has, as they say, been “axed”.  This coming Sunday sees the beginning of the final series of Heartbeat, a programme described variously as a ‘1960s rural police […]

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Tom’s the Big Boss Man

Heartfelt congratulations to our very own Tom Gilson,who got in touch to say that he came 3rd in the Elvis World Cup in Cardiff on July 4th (won by Scotland’s Johnny Lee Memphis).  Tom told IHGN: “I haven’t reached the burger years yet just trying to do my best as an E.T.A and pay respect to […]

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