Moonbase Alpha, we miss you

I forgot this last year, a happy anniversary to the crew of Moonbase Alpha, who, along with the moon, disappeared from the earth’s orbit due to a ‘massive nuclear explosion’ on this day 11 years ago.  Obviously, we here on Earth have no idea where you are these days but we sincerely hope you’re all right.  And that you’re still wearing those lovely one-piece uniforms with the bell bottoms that simply reeked of, ooh, 1975. 

Things were so different in Space 1999, weren’t they?  Hope you haven’t altered the decor too much either; I know my relatives had loads of those designs a good 20-odd years before you kitted your place out – hell, maybe your interior designer found their cast-offs in the local paper.  Or maybe he just went to IKEA.  I can’t think why they would have given them away, they must be worth a fortune now.

But I do wish I’d got hold of one of your little communicator / door opening devices too but they never took off back here.  I made one out of Lego, though.  Nor were the stunner guns a big success, but they were very dinky too, I still want one of those too. 

Anyway, hope all is well, Commander Koenig, Dr Russell, Alan Carter, Professor Bergman and whoever else is still there, wherever ‘there’ is – we on Earth miss you lots. 

P.S. What a great tune you had too.

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