No mo’ Haribo woe

Much to the delight of my children, I recently stumbled upon the existence of vegetarian Haribo.  They’re rather good too, coming in a mix of Strawberry shape/flavour, Cola Bottles and Lemon Starfish.  Jellies have always been a source of woe for my veggie kids; they love the bright colours and aromas but they also have a mortal terror of eating anything “with cow in it”.

Parties are therefore a bit of a nightmare at times, when all the other kids are stuffing their faces with bovine jelly and mine are left out.  Well-meaning friends and relatives have always given them jellies too, in genuine ignorance of the ingredients.  Some of them insisted, “no, they’re Natural ones,” as if gelatine isn’t a natural thing that grows inside cows.  There are other jellies available, usually in health stores, but few of them ever look or feel like a decent alternative to the beef ones.

So thank you for thinking of my kids, Haribo.  All the same, I wish you’d just change all your recipes so as not to exclude my little vegetarians.  Not to mention their parents.

On the back of the pack it says:

Dear HARIBO Fans,

We know that vegetarians love HARIBO too!  So, we’ve created a bag just for you! Enjoy!

So what I want to know is, if it’s possible to make vegetarian Haribo, why not make them all vegetarian?  Do omnivores really want to stuff their chops with fruit-flavoured beef gelatine?

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