Dear reader, meet Screenreader

At the end of January this year, young Cork trio Screenreader released their self-produced debut album Disconnect The Dots.  On first listen, there’s little doubt that it’s a “homemade” record but it doesn’t take long to grow on you.   It’s a charming triumph of aspiration and conviction over quite obvious fiscal restriction.  These are attic recordings with loftier ambitions.  On show are some blisteringly good riffs, inventive arrangements and lyricism that often walks that perilous line between inspired and complete codswallop.

But what they may lack in finesse, they easily make up for in rosy-cheeked ambition.  Rockier songs like ‘Relive Reborn’, ‘There There…’ and the outstanding ‘Mint’ are rompingly, youthfully energetic – exactly what you’d want from young men with plugged-in guitars ‘n’ electronic stuff.  Meanwhile, more pensive tunes like ‘Floodlights’ and ‘Disconnect The Dots’ suggest there are somewhat hoarier rock influences lurking behind their baby faces.

It’s enjoyable stuff.  Screenreader are not yet the finished article but their industrious enthusiasm is pretty infectious.  Have a look at the impressive video for the album’s lead track HCI..


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