I never never want to go home, because I haven’t Gok Wan…

Clever old spammers.  No sooner is Gok Wan in Dublin to peddle his range of retro frames at Specsavers than the cookies get to work trying to find appropriate blog posts to spam.  Congrats to the cookies, then, for finding several posts on IHGN which, for some obscure reason, seem to suggest that I’m a Smiths fan.

Are cookies able to work these things out?   Did they say, “Oh! You know that Morrissey Smith fellah, he wore retro NHS specs before they were retro, didn’t he?  Let’s SPAM his fans!”?

I do admit to being a mite peeved that hipsters have stolen the look because now I can never adopt it – should my eyes begin to fail me in future, that is.  Why people would wear glasses with plain glass in them is beyond me.  But hipster types hardly wear retro frames with the same panache as Moz. That all said, I do believe, hidden at the bottom of a box, there’s a photo of me wearing such items from about 1985 – at a party, of course, where wine was plentiful supply.

No matter how I thought I looked at the time, I never did the image justice either.  So here it is, done properly:

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