Miley’s Not A Racist Either

mileycyrusnotbeingracist1No, apparently she’s just gurning, like she always does.  It may look like a scene from Mind Your Language  but Miley Cyrus says of her beautiful party photo: “I was simply making a goofy face.  When did that become newsworthy?” 

Maybe she thinks we’re all 12.   And I suppose now her achy, breaky dad’s going to claim that he and his ilk don’t make music for rednecks and wife-beaters either.    Nah, that’d be a bit too preposterous.

4 thoughts on “Miley’s Not A Racist Either

  1. i dont think miley was being racist when you looka t everyone elses face they looked like they were haven fun so just leave the poor girl alonee alreadyy

  2. i think shes just a littel drunk thats all and i don’t mean that in the bad way because I reallly like her and her music. And also im her age and I drink, so i don’t think its that big a deal. btw sorry about my spelling im not from a contry where they speak english. 😀

  3. she is racist and so are all the other friends everyone is making their eyes look like that except the asian dude, dont you think thats wrong. her life is going to the wrong turn, she’s a messed up kid

  4. if you havnt noticed another guy is making almost the exact same face and i can say that truthfully because i think miley is a [snnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp – JC]

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