I’m Throwing My Arms Around Morrissey’s New 7″…


“There’s a naked man standing laughing in your dreams / You know who it is / but you don’t like what it means”

Well, Meat is still too much like Murder, clearly, and what better to protect your modesty than a nice 7″.  In 1984, when Morrissey was in The Smiths, he told Smash Hits: “I was the kind of child who’d bound out of bed on a Saturday, leapfrog down to the local shop and just stay there inhaling the air for hours and smelling all the vinyl and caressing the sleeves.” Not sure these particular pieces of vinyl would be quite so fragrant anymore but they’d certainly be collectable. As Moz cover-art goes, it’s perhaps not his finest but certainly his bravest, considering.  Morrissey turns 50 in May.

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