It’s Not The Enda The World

The Irish government limps from one crisis to the next and what the country needs more than anything is a strong opposition breathing down its neck.  Unfortunately, we have Enda Kenny.  He might be able to replace his namesake Pat on The Late Late Show for the sake of wooden continuity but, as a politician and credible contender for the office of Taoiseach, he’s the invisible man.  However, Enda’s future-proofing salvation may be at hand.  Just supposing actor Victor Garber ever wanted to run for President, and was in any way afraid of being assassinated, he could wheel in our Enda as a body double.  My only difficulty, like any would-be assassin’s, would be working out if they are actually different people – well, has anyone actually seen them together?

4 thoughts on “It’s Not The Enda The World

  1. Thanks for the correction, V, happy to stand corrected. I first noticed the resemblance in Legally Blonde and I can still see it, myself. It helps when they’re both moving, honestly…

  2. It’s okay…lol. Just we Canucks, or at least some of us, are proud and a wee bit possessive of our national talent. And I suppose if they both were pedalling really fast on bikes going the same direction, one might assume them to be brothers…though one has blue eyes, the other brown. 😉

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