Give Up Yer Aul Shopping


And so it came to pass that a senior member of the Catholic Church in Co. Galway got mildly peeved about Sunday trading.  Fr Stephen Farragher, who works (except, presumably, on a Sunday) as administrator to the Tuam archdiocese, has suggested shops shouldn’t be open for very long on the Sabbath, and also advocates a return to the old monochrome times, when Sunday was a day of rest.  So, no doubt, he doesn’t want priests to be paid for being on duty on this day, he won’t need any electricity or gas to be piped into churches, won’t watch telly or listen to radio in the evening, and won’t want newspapers for sale on Sunday afternoons or, indeed, available for publication on Monday morning.  Sometimes I wish I lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land too, it seems so much more serene there.  Mind you, with the recession here and biting, there’s the prediction that there will be a flock of people turning (or returning) to God – basically, and ironically, because they want something.  In that regard, surely the very fundamentals of Christianity have failed miserably.  Meanwhile, in the real world, where the rest of us live, it probably is best to spend your money on keeping businesses like your local convenience shop, Woodies and IKEA afloat on Sundays (the one day of the week when most working people can actually get to the shops), rather than throw your hard-earned pennies into the coffers of an utterly outdated, hypocritical and out-of-touch institution.

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