FF Pinning Recovery Hopes On Secret Assets

couglanlegsshockerLike many of Social & Personal‘s loyal male readership , I wondered when Fianna Fail’s most devastating secret weapons would be unleashed.  I should have guessed, really.  Where better than their Ard Fheis?  Yes, we’re talking Mary Coughlan’s legs.  I hasten to add, dear reader, that this is not a personal opinion.  Back in July 2008, Social & Personal declared that the Tánaiste’s pins were 20th in Ireland’s Top 100 Sexy Legs poll.  Interestingly, while suitably leggy pics of Pamela Flood, Michelle Doherty and Miriam O’Callaghan (in fact, everyone else in the Top 20) accompanied the results, poor Mary was represented only by a dull, unflatteringly typical politician’s mug shot, complete with hideous red jacket.  Along with a couple of equally intrigued and baffled office colleagues, I spent the best part of ten minutes Googling without so much as a glimpse of Coughlan kneecap.  It seemed, from internet evidence, that Mary was less than proud of her almost prize-winning assets and consistently kept them under trousered wraps or, for when she’d man the coconut shy at The Ploughing Championships, brightly-coloured wellies.  Well, maybe her gaffers have had enough of the bad news and were determined to get her to show us what we’ve all been missing.  This picture, in today’s Irish Independent confirms what S&P already knew and the rest of us could only guess at.  Thank heavens the Tánaiste looked so delighted to pose for pictures – fingers crossed she’ll strike a bit more of a pose on the shoot for the mooted Fianna Fail Babes official 2010 calendar.  Of course, she’ll face stiff competition from Mary Hanafin, but we hear that dark-horse Mary O’Rourke’s team are “working like bankers” to prepare her a show-stealing outfit for the occasion.

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