There Ain’t No Show Like A Joe No-Show

nojoeStand by your wallets, fools – you and your money are soon to be parted.  Although it sounds like one of those more-money-than-sense events they used to throw on in the old days of the economic boom (if that ever really happened), some promotional genius really believes this is a winner.  Joe Dolan – The Reunion Show runs for two nights in Vicar Street over the Mother’s Day weekend.  Just in case you don’t know, the show doesn’t feature the man named in the title, because he’s no longer with us.  A cheap night out in Joe’s absence, then?  Not a bit of it.  It’s €45 – and that’s only if you take the cheap option.  

But the bit that really stretches credulity slowly and painfully through the mangle is the “V.I.P. package “.  For no less than €139, you get: One night’s B&B at the (4-star!) Red Cow Moran Hotel; a ticket to the (Not) Joe Dolan Reunion Show; (get this) “Luxury” coach transfer to and from Vicar Street; and ‘late night dancing and music’, presumably back at the ‘Cow.  Yes, I know it sounds like the first prize at a church or village fête, but no, they are actually looking for people to fork out this amount of money.  If they get away with this, expect to hear announcements of new tours by The Doors, Thin Lizzy and Queen.  Oh wait…

2 thoughts on “There Ain’t No Show Like A Joe No-Show

  1. Have just come across this load of rubbish, anyone in their right mind would not have wrote such crap as there is on here!! Joe Dolan put Ireland on the map in more ways than one.As such he should be commended for what he has achived not slagged of by some asshole
    B Cleary

  2. William, much as you are entitled to your opinion of me (although I don’t recall meeting you), nowhere in this article / rant is Joe Dolan “slagged”. I assume you were one of the people whom the organisers of this event saw coming from quite some distance? As I say, fools and their money – but the idea of raking up the dead for profit (this was not a charitable concern) remains a particularly tawdry idea, and something I felt compelled to comment upon on my own little corner of the internet. My blog, my opinion. And I’m very offended by your calling me an “asshole” – surely we say “arsehole” on this side of the Atlantic?

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