I’ve Not Been Sleeping Well…

spaceblob3…so I ended up having a really silly dream.  I obviously read too many papers, spend too much time reading worrying stories online and then spend hours processing this information (poorly) inside my head.  So, the dream. Basically, they (by which I mean, “boffins”) invented a new, giant telescope to investigate the so-called ‘Space Blob’ .  And, after peering at it for hours and eventually clarifying the image, there was a collective gasp when they discovered it was a gigantic meteor made of swine flu, and that it was hurtling towards earth.

Which would all have been really frightening but for the fact that the news was broken to me by Michael McDonald.  Well, who would you rather hear such apocalyptic tidings from?  Some Star Trek geek or the man who brought us the happiest, sunniest pop song ever, “Sweet Freedom”

"well, do you want the good news or the even better news?"
"well, do you want the good news or the even better news?"

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