“Time is of the essence, get your ears to the ground…”

Best. Pop. Star. Ever.

When I talk about imagination, when I talk about creativity, when I say disregard what you already know, when I dream of going out and seeing something I’ve never seen before – what I mean is, why can’t anyone show the same dedicated individuality as Adam Ant anymore?  And then get it into the Top 10?  Here’s to dreams.

4 thoughts on ““Time is of the essence, get your ears to the ground…”

  1. Blast from the past. …..hmmm because individuality is far less a commonplace as it was back then, now wearing converse runners and tight jeans and looking like your in a band, as opposed to being in a band and it being about the music- is more apt. Come on decent music film makers also.

  2. Well said, LCB. Obviously this is a follow-on from the “National Treasures. Or Not” post – but it’s a passionate belief that I won’t get bored harping on about.

  3. hmmm i think the only way for that to happen is by a time machine.oh what i would do with a time machine….
    but then it does happen now and again in very small pockets but never enough to reach top ten…

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