Perfect Coffee Break Read

MEATH COASTERIn the spirit of using free papers or junk mail to prevent awkward or indelible stains forming on your desk or table, Meath now has a publication tailor-made for that very purpose.  It’s a joy to discover The Meath Coaster,  a venerable monthly journal so popular (distributed to over 6,200 homes), it always seems to be running out.   As they say themselves: “The area is growing so rapidly there never seems to be enough copies!”   It’s full of local interest stories, anxious local politicians and there’s even a local problem page, ‘Ask Bernice’.  However, it’s as a coaster that it really comes into its own.

Now my desk is free of annoying ring markings.  All I need now is the Athlone Biscuit Platter and the Mullingar Spoon Rest and my desk will be a veritable haven of informative coffee-break tidies.

Cup, biccies, Coaster

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