Why Gay Men Drink Milk of Magnesia

er, "yum"

Er, actually, I don’t know the answer to this – someone just stumbled upon my blog using the above quote as a search.  Still, I have to say, I’m rather curious – although, in case the answer is to do with MoM’s laxative qualities, I’m pretty squeamish too.

4 thoughts on “Why Gay Men Drink Milk of Magnesia

  1. What?!
    Someone typed ‘why do gay men drink MoM’, clicked search and your blog popped up in the results??

    (and how do you know this happened – your wordpress blog must have very hi-tech gadgetry?)

    anyway – back to the filth you’re writing in this blog..
    why did you come up in the results?!

  2. Hello you! You clearly don’t use WordPress, we’re very hi-tech around here. It gives you a lengthy, real-time list of all the searches used to find you, it’s amazing. “Spanking Carol Smillie” is the one that comes up most often.

    “Filth”? Pah, you prude. 😉 I republished a U Magazine article I wrote last year about whether or not it’s “masculine” to drink cocktails. For reasons I no longer recall, I mentioned people who drink Benylin and Milk Of Magnesia. I’m still at a loss, though, as to how someone found me using the search “hairy scent balls dad musky”. That’s the Weird Wonderful Web for you.

    Nice blog, by the way

  3. It’s main purpose is to rid the body of waste..
    Especially Sweat..
    They wear makeup and the heat will run it off with sweat..
    In addition to cleansing of the rectum

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