Heifer Whines Could Be Human Cries

IFJTaking a rather different tactic than normal farming publications – which, regardless of economic climate, tend to feature rural types in flat caps and wellies wielding placards about whatever happens to be pissing them off about their endlessly miserable line of work – the cover of the latest issue of Irish Country Living (a supplement within Irish Farmers Journal) features a cheerful looking, and rather young, couple smiling merrily at the sheer joy of life.  Sun, sea, sand and no slurry to be seen or smelt (or to poison rivers) for miles.  Not even a hint of the ruddy-cheeked giveaway signs of climate fatigue or the furrowed, ploughed brows of being “constantly” “persecuted” by the government, the supermarkets, the EU, the Taliban and Somalian pirates.  But wait, is the lass in the picture wearing a badge?  What does it say?  “Miss Inis Meáin 2009”, or something? 

Well, no, actually.  Hope she’s chuffed with how the photo shoot turned out, though.

IFJ heifer

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