Is This The Most Miserable Advert Ever?

Death and Misery

There really is no way back from this one.  It’s an advert for the Alzheimer’s treatment drug Remynil XL – which, when taken once daily, apparently stops the elderly from dissolving right before your eyes.  Frankly, this photo makes me want to take an overdose of them.  You want to believe that getting old is something to look forward to – but, seeing this, it looks like unremitting misery to the last.  You can practically smell the incontinence and Ralgex off it.  Time to get some sort of life, I think.

One thought on “Is This The Most Miserable Advert Ever?

  1. Man, this stuff would have robbed Back to the Future of all suspense.

    Drugs are bad. Except my arthritis drugs. They’re great.

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