Cartoon Cobblers

Cartoon Shoe

I’ve often wondered what sort of person, in 2009, goes into Dublin city centre to buy a pair of shoes based on a drawing they’ve seen on the back page of The Irish TimesYou all know the shop, I’m sure.  It’s an impossibly quaint method of advertising, from a time way before such mod cons as pocket calculators, fondue sets and Soda Streams.

So, do you know anyone who has ever gone into that shop, ripped back page corner of The Times in hand, looking for that particular shoe?  If so, did the illustration and the reality actually bear any resemblance to each other?  

I’d be fascinated to know.  And if this is the case, maybe this could be the way forward for certain supermarkets who want to give a more realistic impression of the fruit and veg they sell – “Everything shady, black and grey today, for a change”.


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