ICTU-three-four, ICTU-three-four…


Oxymoron alert – there are astonishing signs of progress in the trade union movement, according to this week’s thrilling edition of Industrial Relations News (a.k.a. Workshy Whingers’ & Malingerers’ Time-Wasting Pamphlet)

In a story about a brainstorming session ahead of the next ICTU-led wave of protest campaigns, under the headline ‘Away day’ session as Congress unions plan next move, IRN reports that “some union leaders take the view that marches are a thing of the past’.  Unfortunately, this appears to be more down to inertia or a lost sense of direction rather than a glut of new ideas:

 IRN understands that many union leaders at last week’s executive meeting, from both private and public sectors, expressed concern at the idea of another major protest march.  There was a general acceptance of the need for an overall strategy, but there was no firm consensus on how to proceed.

Tragically, this could, of course, put thousands of placard-making nixers under serious threat.

In other IRN news: over 30 workers are on a month-long strike in support of seven TEEU members who were dismissed “over allegations of inappropriate emails of an ‘adult’ nature”; and someone thought that ‘Seated’ coffee shops would make a good sub-headline. 

More thrills next week.

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