Coals To Newcastle, balls to Christmas

The starvation diet, the back-of-sofa coin-searching and the redemption of those saved-up bus change tickets now begins in earnest; the best Scots band ever Orange Juice release a 7-disc box set in November.  Full details are here, but the release does, regrettably, mean that several of my family will be receiving only Christmas cards this year.

Considering I own many of these songs several times over, it’s still hard to decide what about this set I’m most excited about, but it’s probably a tie between Disc 6, the BBC sessions, and Disc 7, a DVD featuring their only two promo videos (Rip It Up and What Presence?!), their appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test and their live video Dada With (The) Juice.  Regardless, like The Smiths, they’re one of those bands I don’t mind forking out for repeatedly; but unlike most of The Smiths’ recent retrospective output, this is a ‘reissue’ actually worth buying.

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