When a McMuffin top will no longer do…

It’s “grow your winter layer” time of year and no one seems more keen to give you a better weather-resistant, wind-cheating midriff than old Burger King.   We’ve covered  American contempt for the concept of  pizza here before, but this vile object really should have anyone with tastebuds and a modicum of self-respect reaching for their sick bags. 

It’s allegedly a “homage” to New York.  A 9.5-inch bun, a slab of meat, “mozzarella”, pepperoni and a no-doubt “authentic” pesto and marinara sauce.  Would you keep those ingredients in the same fridge, never mind lump it all together?   Just look at it – all 2,500 calories of it.  I’m not sure Elvis himself would have got off his throne to fetch one.  Even for Scots, the idea of such calorific intake in one gluttonous sitting is worth serious consideration.  And training.   In any case, it’s a prohibitive $13 – £8.40 in real money.

It also contains 3,780mg of salt, more than double the daily adult limit.  Yum, reach for that binful of Coke, why don’t you? 

For once, Scots can feel a little superior about their delicacies.  This foul hybrid of junk foods rather puts the deep-fried Mars bar and Edinburgh’s deluxe, 1000-calorie fried chocolate sandwich  into perspective.   If these pictures don’t make you grimace, then you may already be one of those 1 in 10 obese men who, tragically, can no longer see their genitals. 

Anyway, such people can relax on their giant arses for now – it’s only available in Times Square.  All the same, it’ll be fun to see the crowds waddling in unison to add a new rung to their snugfit blubber if it ever slaps down on counters here.

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