Weed ’em and reap

I wonder when the gardening bug will finally strike.  When am I going to start feeling like growing my own vegetables?  I’ve been waiting a while but so far, despite a fine family tradition and many presents of kitchen garden books, I’m no closer to taking it up. Obviously I’m writing this to give myself […]

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The Miserable Rich

I am absolutely smitten by Of Flight & Fury, the second album by Brighton band The Miserable Rich. It may have been Stornoway’s year in the folk-pop stakes, but I think this record easily eclipses the Oxford band’s debut.  Described as ‘chamber pop’, largely on account of their gorgeous cello and violin players, The Miserable Rich are more of a quirky bowtie combo […]

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No ID? Ah…

Oh, what to make of ITV1’s new six-part crime drama, Identity?  It’s got the gloss, the piped-in atmosphere, the glass offices, the inner conflict, and a stellar assembly of attractive professionals who get the job done.  But what’s it for? According to the press release, its premise concerns “murderers who literally take other people’s lives… impostors […]

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A lovely new place to veg out

It’s with great delight and no shortage of tummy rumbling that I warmly welcome Adventures In Veg. – a new vegetarian food blog from the incredibly talented journalist and broadcaster Aoife Barry A.K.A. Sweet Oblivion.  There’s already a great number of excellent Irish food blogs out there but, as a vegetarian of some 26 years and a […]

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De Grinpipol – rhythm & greens

So there we were on a merry, snowbound Saturday; Team Kiosk still giving it plenty of hi-5s and loud, Americanised “whoops” after yet another fabulous edition of our show, when the Phantom 105.2 doorbell rang.  I answered it to find a very nice and handsome man who introduced himself as Federico.  It wasn’t an entirely social […]

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