Soap Oprah

Considering I watch too much daytime TV, I’m appalled that I didn’t think of this.  There I was, flicking through magazines in the Doctor’s surgery (there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just easier and more comfortable than flicking through magazines in Eason’s), and I came across this piece of invaluable advice in Woman’s Way’s Letters Page:

“I am writing with a suggestion… for soap manufacturers.  I think they should make smaller tablets of soap. In doing so, they would encourage small children to wash their hands.  Smaller bars would benefit grannies and grandads with arthritic hands. So, how about it soap manufacturers? Margaret Ann, Co Kerry“

It’s perfectly true, Margaret Ann, I mean soap is way bigger than it used to be or needs to be.  The total opposite to Creme Eggs, sadly.

2 thoughts on “Soap Oprah

  1. Lauren, it’s perfectly obvious that it’s one of those “novelty” soaps that smells like strawberries for two days and thereafter stinks of wet dog. This one also contains a supposed exfoliant that is, in fact, entirely abrasive and teases out latent psoriasis.

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